Prescription Eye Wear

Prescription Eye Wear

Prescription Eye Wear

 Prescription eye wear designed especially for you .Your visual requirements are paramount to us so we custom design eyewear that suits only you. Custom manufactured product.  Spectacle frame designs for both men and women. Carefully selected to be affordable for everyone.  See the world at the clearest level possible with your prescription spectacles.

We believe prescription designed  glasses can be manufactured not only as chic, elegant clear lenses but also as  sunglasses, or even advanced sports wrap contoured glasses.


Customised Lens Type

Advise us if you require distance, near or office lenses .Office lenses are great for users of the computer but require entry of the ADD, or addition power into our fields.


Prescription Lens Thickness

Decide on the lens thickness you desire! You like products which are extremely light weight and aesthetically very thin, not a problem with the LENS selector option. Our recommendations are as your prescription approaches +/- 3.00 dioptres and has little to no cylindrical correction consider index which is 1.60 or above. Should your spectacle lens powers be +/- 3.00 dioptres and close to -2.00 cylinder we recommend 1.67index lenses.  Advice from the laboratory directly to you!


Prescription Lens Add-Ons

Choose the type of lens treatment under the lens add on option and have them designed not only in your prescription but with numerous features. The add on-s vary from; tinted, antireflective (multicoated), mirror coated (rare earth minerals used), sun activating-photochromic, through to polarising treatments (sum glare reducing). Having multiples of these great options available to you, means you can have truly customised control. You can opt for more than one lens feature. In selecting sunglasses you can for instance have; mirror coating and polarising lens add on on the same lens, as your sunglass feature.


Prescription Sports Eyewear

This lens selection is dedicated to those who are sports athletes at heart. The prescript-able spectacle frames can accommodate complex wrap design lenses. These require unique laboratory manufactural techniques. The lenses are contoured around your face, whilst maintaining clearest possible optics in the peripheral field of vision. As your eye rotates computational algorithms are used to bend the lens yielding least possible image distortion. For true sportsman and women at heart!