Light Weight Lens Designs

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Light Weight Lens what is the drill, you ask? Have you ever felt uncomfortable wearing glasses due to excessive pressure they have exerted on your nose? If so this may interest you.

One aspect of this is obtaining a lightweight spectacle frame.Best frames from our collection are Half-Rim ,or fine metal or titanium designs. Once you have  this sorted out think about the power of your lenses.This is where lens index comes into play.

If you want lightest technology we offer just shoot for 1.67 index, game over. If you are debating where do I go with my script.Well our advice is if your powers are over +/_3.00 diopters we recommend  at least 1.6 index lenses.A higher prescription of say+/_3.50 with -2.00 astigmatism would respond better to 1.67 index material.Still there?

The cool part is the higher the index of the lens, the thinner the product the lesser the edge thickness is  .So the end result is lighter and thinner product.

Mastering light weight designs of your prescription lenses is only few taps of the screen away from you.Feel liberated with ultra thin lenses.Do not put up with with pressure sores on your nose,from heavy lenses try this technology today.

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