Terms and Conditions



12Month Warranty Policy

Our products are distributed nationally throughout Australia. We stand by our warranty which applies to Australian Customers for a period of 12months. In the event that a specific model of a frame is discontinued we will replace the frame with a similar value product of your choice, at no cost  to you. Some exclusive Brand products do carry 24 month manufacturer warranty against faulty defects. We will honor this warranty should it apply to this product .We recommend asking us for details relating to a specific product you may query. Products damaged as a result of wear and tear or forced damage will not be covered under the warranty. Should you be uncertain if the damage resulted from mistreatment of the frame, or wear and tear we recommend you send the frame to us for inspection. The postage costs will be your responsibility.


Manufactural Defects

Relates to defects arising from the manufactural process. In the case of frame manufacture this relates to faulty hinges, substandard paint quality, colour fading, or discolouring.

Exchange Policy

Should you change your mind on the Frame selected we will exchange it within 90 days after receiving your order.This policy applies to Spectacle Frames only. As part of this exchange we require;

1/The product is returned undamaged in all original packaging.

2/You contact us for forwarding address prior to sending.

3/Please ensure your method of posting is secure and does consider fragility of the product being sent.

We will not be responsible for damage caused in transit, or loss of product in transit.When we reship the product to you we will not charge additional shipping fee.We will not refund your shipping costs.


Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with the selection of your spectacle frame, we gladly will refund your money within 90days.This period starts from the day we receive the product. Upon receiving the product we will inspect the product for original packaging and quality prior to considering a refund.

Please note we will NOT refund the cost of your prescription lenses as this is a customized product made just for your eyes.We encourage you to carefully study the fields you enter the prescription into. If uncertain please call our staff for advice.